Programme 2018

09:00 Registration
09:25 Welcome
09:30 Automation is the Key to Cracking the Composite Industry's Toughest Problems
Richard Collins, IDTechEx
Automated Material Placement Part 1
10:00 AFP – Increasing Deposition Rate
Matthew Frost, Coriolis Composites
10:30 Fibre Patch Placement Technology – Automated Fibre Lay-up for Complex Composites
Neven Majic, Cevotec
11:00 Break
Digital Manufacturing
11:30 The Industrial IoT Journey to the Connected Factory
Clive Chitiz, Plataine
12:00 Digital Composite Manufacturing – An Enabling Technology
David Hughes, Teesside University
12:30 Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Manufacturing for Automated Composite Production
Olivier Munaux, CGTech
13:00 Lunch
Aerospace Sector Focus
14:00 ATI Perspective for Composite Automation
Mark Summers, Aerospace Technology Institute
14:30 Automated Reticulation of Film Adhesive to Skin Perforate for Composite Acoustic Liners
Sean Cooper, Tods Aerospace
15:00 Advancement in Resin Infusion Technology For Manufacture of High Quality Aerospace Components & Future Automation
Will Harris, Composites Integration
15:30 Break
Panel Session: High Volume and Low Cost Challenges and the Opportunities for Automation
16:00 Henry Sarel-Cooke, GKN Wheels and Structures; Andrew Page, Toyota Tsusho UK; Nick Warrior, University of Nottingham
19:30 Predinner Drinks
20:00 Dinner
09:00 Registration
09:25 Welcome
09:30 Challenges Faced by the Composites Industry and What Automation Can Do to Overcome This
Henry Sarel-Cooke, GKN Wheels and Structures
Automated Material Placement Part 2
10:00 Automated Tape Placement Technology as a Novel Approach for Manufacturing Hybrid Metal/Thermoplastic Composite Components
Manuel Alvarez Souto, AIMEN Technology Centre
10:30 In-Situ Multi-Material Bonding of AFP - Metal Composites for Automotive Applications
Lina Girdauskaite, AMAC
11:00 Break
High Volume Manufacturing
11:30 Composite Structural Components in the Automotive Industry: From Niche Applications to Mass Production with the Support of Simulation
Chandragupt Gorwade, ESI Group
12:00 Surface Preparation in Volume Manufacturing
Terence Warmbier, Oxford Advanced Surfaces
12:30 Automated High Volume Stamp Forming of Structural Continuous Fibre Preforms for Automotive Applications
Anton Koenraadt, WMG, International Manufacturing Centre, University of Warwick
13:00 Lunch Break, Informal Networking and Exhibits
Designing with Composite Materials
14:00 Composite Design Tool
Andrew Mills, Cranfield University
14:30 Material Selection and Microstructural Design of Sandwich Composite Beam Using IDEM and cDSP
Soban Babu B, Tata Research Development & Design Centre
15:00 Refreshment Break, Informal Networking and Exhibits
Machining Composites
15:30 Error-Free Composite Machining
Peter Hammond, metrology software products ltd
16:00 Studying Polycrystalline Diamond Fracture Mechanism by FEM
Wencheng Pan, University of Huddersfield